The 2018 Glencoe Grand Prix
Saturday June 2, 2018


Come Out and Join Us
A Great Day of Racing


Glencoe Grand Prix
Our Race

The 2018 GGP is a one day road criterium race. The 2018 GGP is licensed and registered under USA Cycling Event Permit 2016-1331; all USAC rules apply.

Glencoe Educational Foundation
Our Mission

Proceeds from the event benefit the Glencoe Educational Foundation that supports not only special educational projects in Glencoe, but also supports education programs and schools around the Chicago-land area.

American Center for Spine and Neurosurgery
Our Sponsor

Our presenting sponsor, the American Center for Spine and Neurosurgery is a leader in spine, brain and nerve care. ACSN focuses on helping patients minimize pain and other symptoms so they may quickly return to the activities they enjoy.


Test Your Mettle
Against Some of the Best Riders in the World

Olympic silver medalist and two time world champion, Chloé Dygert Owen is returning the Glencoe Grand Prix. Chloé and other top riders will be putting on a show at this year's race. Have a look and see!

Glencoe Grand Prix 2018 Sponsors
We Couldn't Do This Without Them

The 2018 GGP Pro Races


Women PRO/1/2




Prize Money

Course Descriptions

There are two race courses in use this year, which are identical to those used since 2015. Each course runs clockwise with the START / FINISH located on Vernon Avenue between Hazel Avenue and Temple Court in downtown Glencoe.

Short Course: The 'short' course will be used for the first six races and is a typical, 4-corner, essentially flat 1.3-kilometer (0.8-mile) criterium course.

Long Course: The 'long' course is used in all other races and is a 10-corner, 2.1 kilometer (1.3-mile) lap that includes a descent and brief rise on the western part of the course.

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Schools prepare students for the real world. Technology is a part of that. But school budgets can't do it all. Your support is needed now.

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2017-2018 Fundraising Percent of Goal


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The 2017 Glencoe Grand Prix
Race Results


Rank Bib Name Affiliation Time Gap
1 1 Bryan GOMEZ Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2 2:05:10. 2:05:10
2 9 Shane KLINE Rally Cycling 2:05:10. s.t.
3 46 Curtis WHITE Rally Cycling 2:05:10. s.t.
4 7 Maxwell ACKERMANN Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2 2:05:10. s.t.
5 64 Kyle PERRY Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 2:05:11. s.t.
6 38 Brice BROOKSHIRE Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 2:05:11. s.t.
7 42 Thomas REVARD Bissell-ABG-Giant 2:05:11. s.t.
8 4 Dennis RAMIREZ Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2 2:05:11. s.t.
9 14 Evan HARTIG Borah Factory Racing 2:05:12. s.t.
10 10 Paul MARTIN First Internet Bank Cycling Tea 2:05:12. s.t.
11 28 Eric HILL Project Echelon Racing 2:05:12. s.t.
12 58 Thomas SOLADAY Rally Cycling 2:05:12. s.t.
13 43 Bryce NUIVER EPS Security Cycling Team 2:05:12. s.t.
14 15 Andrew GINIAT Project Echelon Racing 2:05:12. s.t.
15 33 Trevor ROLETTE Sammys Racing 2:05:13. s.t.
16 45 Ryan OBOYLE xXx Racing 2:05:14. s.t.
17 65 Matt SALPIETRO Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 2:05:14. s.t.
18 11 John MCCANN First Internet Bank Cycling Tea 2:05:14. s.t.
19 8 Robert SROKA First Internet Bank Cycling Tea 2:05:14. s.t.
20 48 Marco WAJDA Project Echelon Racing 2:05:15. s.t.
21 5 Micah ENGLE Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2 2:05:24. 14
22 35 Devin CLARK Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea 2:05:24. s.t.
23 36 Michael (Casey) SAUNDERS DogfishTeam Noah 2:05:24. s.t.
24 41 Doug FAGAN Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 2:05:25. s.t.
25 18 Stephen WAGSTAFF Project Echelon Racing 2:05:25. s.t.
26 19 Brian KAKER Project Echelon Racing 2:05:25. s.t.
27 23 Michael KELLER Bissell-ABG-Giant 2:05:31. 21
28 29 Jarret OLDHAM First Internet Bank Cycling Tea 2:05:37. 27
29 66 Igor SHVYTOV xXx Racing 2:06:04. 54
30 20 Hogan SILLS Bissell-ABG-Giant 2:06:11. 1:01
31 21 John BECKER First Internet Bank Cycling Tea 2:06:25. 1:15
32 44 Michael DUTCZAK Bicycle Heaven 2:06:25. s.t.
33 51 Robert BERRY BELGIANWERKX 2:06:25. s.t.
34 12 Luke MOMPER SBR Quantum Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
35 39 Tyler GEORGE xXx Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
36 53 Kyle MINDICK Project Echelon Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
37 30 Sven GARTNER Sammys Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
38 31 Sean GARDNER Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2 2:06:25. s.t.
39 55 Taylor KRUSE Team Hungry 2:06:25. s.t.
40 50 Chris YOUNG xXx Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
41 57 Kia NAMIN Team Velocause 2:06:25. s.t.
42 56 Daniel BLUMBERG KS Energy Services MOSH Team 2:06:25. s.t.
43 62 Shane FEEHERY Bicycle Heaven 2:06:25. s.t.
44 63 Nick HAND Quantum Solutions Intelligentsi 2:06:25. s.t.
45 52 Sean METZ xXx Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
46 54 Hugh GILL DogfishTeam Noah 2:06:25. s.t.
47 40 Alexander VOITIK Sammys Racing 2:06:25. s.t.
48 32 Joshua CARTER EGO pb Sammys Bikes 2:06:25. s.t.
DNF 61 Simon JONES      
DNF 47 Jake BUESCHER xXx Racing    
DNF 49 Jacob HENNINGSEN Team Hungry    
DNF 16 Matthew ZIMMER Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2    
DNF 25 Daniel TOKARCZYK Team Hungry    

Fun for the Family
A Race for Everyone

In addition to Junior races for Boys & Girls and both 9-14 and 15-18 age groups, we have our famous Children's race at noon sharp!

Of course, even if you don't want to ride, come out and join us for live music, food and fun at the North Shore's best block party of the year!


As Glencoe is a small community, parking is at a premium. Once again, the Glencoe Grand Prix is taking extra care to assist residents and businesses with parking options during race day. Just like last year, parking in regular spaces is limited to 2 hours per Village regulations. If you are in a space for more than two hours, you will be ticketed.

Where NOT to park

Even though you are able to park in the spaces legally, we are asking that riders on race day DO NOT park in any of the spaces on Park Avenue between Vernon and Hazel, any spaces on Vernon north of Park Avenue (the final turn) or any of the spaces on Village Court Road in front of the Village Hall where race registration takes place. Please park one block east in the commuter lots of the Glencoe train station.

Park at the Metra Station

Since we’ve begun this event, we have stressed the need for riders to park in the commuter lots at the train station, barely a block east of Green Bay Road. These lots were resurfaced in 2011 and are very close to the race course. Please be considerate of our gracious hosts and park in one of those lots if you are racing. Additional parking can be easily found in Glencoe south of the race course.

Driving Directions

  • GPS Location: 675 Village Ct. Glencoe, IL 60022
  • From Chicago: I-90 W to I-94 W (towards Milwaukee), to Exit 30B Dundee Rd (east), go 1.4 miles to Green Bay Rd. Turn right on Green Bay Rd, go 0.3 miles to Park Ave. Turn left on Park Ave, main race parking is in the Metra station lots on the left and right.
  • From Milwaukee: I-94 E (towards Chicago), to IL-43/Waukegan Rd. Bear right onto Waukegan Rd. Go south 0.6 miles on Waukegan Rd to Dundee Rd. Turn left onto Dundee Rd (east), go 3.3 miles to Green Bay Rd. Turn right on Green Bay Rd, go 0.3 miles to Park Ave. Turn left on Park Ave, main race parking is in the Metra station lots on the left and right.
  • From Madison: I-90 E (towards Chicago), to IL-53 N. Take Dundee Rd/IL-68 exit. Follow Dundee Rd east for 12.5 miles, to Green Bay Rd. Turn right on Green Bay Rd, go 0.3 miles to Park Ave. Turn left on Park Ave, main race parking is in the Metra station lots on the left and right.

Public Transportation

Public transportation via the Metra Union Pacific North line offers convenient access to the race course via the Glencoe train station at Green Bay Road and Park Avenue, and is highly recommended. Detailed schedules and fares are available online at Metra Rail.

In addition, Route 213 on the Pace Suburban Bus travels along Green Bay Road and stops at the intersection with Park Avenue. Schedules and fares are available online at Pace Bus.

Host Housing

Hosting riders in individual homes is a huge factor in recruiting Pro teams and directly supports the Glencoe Educational Foundation (GEF). The GEF is responsible for providing housing to riders who can’t afford a hotel, if we don’t find enough beds, the GEF will be required to purchase hotel accommodations. Please help us keep our costs down by hosting. The accommodations most often are beds or airbeds in guest rooms or on a recreation room floor.

Questions & Answers

Q: Will I have to feed riders and their guests?

A: No. Hosts often invite riders to join them for a meal but it is not expected. They will need the use of the kitchen, (Riders will clean up after themselves). They will need the use of your refrigerator and counter space. Some may ask permission to use your washer and dryer.

Q: Will my home be treated like a Holiday Inn?

A: No. Riders stay in many different homes around the U.S. and they very much want to be invited back. They know how to be good guests.

Q: Will I have to define the limits of what I’m willing to do?

A: No. The Host Housing coordinator is an advocate for both the riders and the hosts. You tell us your limits and we will pass it on to the riders. Riders are very flexible and gracious guests.

Please contact Nikki Cypranowski at: with any additional housing-related information or questions.

Race Registration

Please note that all racers must have a valid 2016 USAC license which must be presented at registration. A beginner one-day race license ($10) is available for category 5 Men and Category 4 Women racers. Any former member with a racing category excluded by the beginner one-day race license is eligible to purchase an experienced one-day race license ($25) once per year. These licenses are available online only, beginning Spring 2016 at USA Cycling. An annual race license ($70) is required for entry into all other category races. These may be purchased online at USA Cycling. In order to facilitate quick and efficient registration, please have your license ready before race day.

Racers must compete within their USAC designated category.

Children participating in the Kid’s Race do not need a USAC license. Prior to receiving a race number, their parents will have to fill out a USAC non-competitive release form, copies of which will be located at the Kid's Race information table at the far north end of Vernon Ave.

Online Registration

Online registration for the 2017 GGP was once again hosted on BikeReg.

  • Online registration opened on Thursday, Mar 31st 2017 at 12:01 AM EST.
  • Online registration closed on Wednesday, May 31st 2017 at 11:59 PM EST.

Same-Day Registration

If you are planning on registering race day:

  • Cash is preferred.
  • If paying by check, please pay to the order of: Glencoe Educational Foundation.
  • Riders who register on race day are subject to a $20 late-fee per race entered.
  • The USA Crits men and women races will not offer same-day registration.

Onsite Registration Location

Onsite registration is located at the Glencoe Fire House, Bay Number One, 675 Village Court and will open at 7:00 AM CDT.

Glencoe Public Safety requests that bicycles not be brought into the Fire House garage.

Please try to arrive at the onsite race registration at least one hour prior to the start of your event to receive your race number, and any additional staging information.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.

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Emergency Contacts

Provider Phone
Glencoe Public Safety 847-835-4112
Highland Park Hospital 847-432-8000
Evanston Hospital 847-432-8000

Event Staff

Title Name Email Phone
GGP President David Metrick 847-682-9291
GGP Race Director Matthew Giedt 773-551-3289
GGP Technical Director Ben Riefe 312-852-0202
GGP PRO Support Nikki Cypranowski 630-421-3705
GGP Operations Manager Jon Knouse 847-987-0819
GGP Event Media Jon Kerr 312-213-7946