An announcement to our community of riders, fans and supporters:


After much discussion among the leadership over the past few months, with a heavy heart, we announce the Glencoe Grand Prix will not be held in 2019. The reason for us discontinuing the event is it’s simply time to retire. We’ve had a great run!

We created the Glencoe Grand Prix in 2007 with an idea of binding education with the wonderful sport of cycling. For 12 years, we were able to apply proceeds from the Glencoe Grand Prix to fund our school’s smart boards. We were also able to provide educational resources in areas outside of Glencoe, in the city of Chicago and outlying areas. We close the Glencoe Grand Prix with a strong belief we accomplished our initial vision and mission.

A heartfelt thanks to our sponsors who supported us over these many years. And of course, to the cycling community. We will always be grateful for your unyielding commitment to the sport and to our event. Thank you.

To continue support for our mission, please visit the Glencoe Educational Foundation website. If anyone has additional questions or comments, please email GGP President David Metrick at


Best Wishes,

Glencoe Grand Prix Board